PAKISTAN: No justice for Rimsha – judge disrespects the orders of President Zadari

Asian Human Rights Commission: In the capital of Pakistan where there are many government and non-governmental institutions working for the protection of child rights, special children rights, human rights and the rights of women, only one of them have come out calling for the release of Ms. Rimsha, the 14-year-old Christian girl who has been charged with blasphemy. It has now been revealed that Rimsha does not suffer from Down’s syndrome but is, in fact, a slow learner with a mental age of around 10 or 11.

Rimsha has been charged under the country’s blasphemy law which carries the death penalty and has now made two court appearances. In the first hearing the judge refused bail, citing the fear of retaliation by Islamic fanatics. Today, (30 August) she was presented to the Additional Session Judge, Raja Jawad Hassan Abass, in Islamabad for her bail petition. The lawyer from the All Pakistan Minority Movement, Mr. Chaudry Tahir Nazir, who is also a member of the Punjab Provincial Assembly, produced a medical certificate from the medical board of the Poly Clinic Hospital, an official hospital, that she has been declared by the medical board to be a slow learner and illiterate, so she should be granted bail. Ms. Rimsha has little or no education and cannot read or write; she cannot recognise any letters or numericals. This in itself should be evidence enough that she had no intention of insulting Islam by the blasphemous act of burning the Holy Book, the Quran. However, the judge refused to accept the contents of the medical report and used the excuse that, as he had not asked the lawyer to convene a medical board he was under no obligation to accept the findings. The previous board was made on the orders of President Zardari which was also refused by the Additional Session judge.


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  1. Salaams, I am a Muslim physically disabled female of South Africa.

    I was initially unaware of the above news , until last night.

    Being a Muslim , not only in name or title; i hope , I honour & revere the Word of Allah(S.W.T )(God) as revealed in the Noble Quraan.

    My perspective , this child who is being held in prison (perhaps for her own safety) for supposedly burning pages of the Quraan , needs to judged with a cool & level headed individual.

    in view of the report of the medic ; it can be safely assumed that she is not always compas mentis; i say let’s give her the benefit of the doubt & release her, because even if she did it do so deliberately; then let DIVINE JUSTICE PREVAIL.

    Because we (humans) are imperfect; more often than not in our judgemental skills & as the WORD OF ALLAH IN THE QUR’AAN states ” IS NOT ALLAH THE WISEST OF JUDGES.” : so have total faith in THE WORD OF ALLAH & let HIM (ALLAH S.W.T.) be THE JUDGE , BECAUSE HE IS THE SOURCE OF PEACE , PERFECTION, WISDOM & INFINITE KNOWLEDGE.


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