UN Warns Gender Imbalances Growing in Asia

Credit VOA via Wasim

BANGKOK — A U.N. report on gender imbalances says the continuing preference for boy children, especially in India and China, is leading increasing numbers of families to use prenatal sex selection.  Researchers warn that the phenomenon is gaining favor in more countries.

The new United Nations Population Fund report says gender selection practices are showing signs of increase in Southeast Asia, as well as Bangladesh and Afghanistan and Eastern European states of Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia and Montenegro.

The report, released to coincide with an Asia Population Conference, says practices of sex selection have resulted in an alarming trend of “demographic masculinization” in regions and will adversely impact communities for at least five decades.

The selection of boy children has been driven by local cultures, access to medical ultrasound technology and official government policies limiting numbers of children to families.

The report says, “In 2010, researchers estimated the gender gap at around 117 million women “missing” – mostly in China and India. Researchers say that could mean by 2030 in those two countries there may be 50 percent more men than women among single people seeking to marry.”

The report’s author, Christophe Guilmoto, a senior fellow at the Paris-based Center for Population and Development, says policy planners must focus on addressing the excess of male births in communities over the coming decades.

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3 replies

  1. First of all to me abortion based simply on ‘sex-selection’ is murder. How can these parents have a ‘happy life’ with a ‘boy child’ when that ‘boy child’ follows murder? – Already now Chinese are ‘importing brides’ for instance from Taiwan and Vietnam. But these are smaller countries who cannot balance the shortfall. – Apparently now even the ultra-sound method is not needed. I saw in a pharmacy a ‘urine test’ openly available, which promises to tell you the sex. Just imagine if this test increases murder even more? – Sad state of affairs.

  2. My question was general. You got emotional with ethical part of the story. To my knowledge still there exists gender balance and Chinese/Indians are welcome in Europe and Africa.

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