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  1. Allah is the One, Everliving, watching what we do
    and He is the final Judge to punish or to forgive!

  2. However one aspect is quite encouraging that due to efforts of many, these days lot of media discussion has started in this regard and Inshallah will take some posssitive turn for Ahamdies also. (Alhamdolillah)

  3. Yes. I believe that the Day of Judgement wil soon come for all; unjust and ignorant shall be punished by ever-living God!

  4. In Pakistan of course the blasphemy law must be dissolved in the first instance or must be changed,but the Pakistani general public and its fanatic Islamic leadership is so powerful and so strong the authority of the governments and almost the entire machinery and structure of the government is helpless and unable to speak on it. The Pakistani Muslim population is mentaly and physiologically are so designed now they will never like to imagine to change the present blasphemy Law by anyone. Small children in Madrasas in Mosques in schools, in general opinions are being taught to kill the kafir or any kafir who is not Muslim according to their believes. This kinds of trended education brought forwards in the minds of all learned,intellectuals, educated, teachers, professors, law makers, politicians, lawyers, Magistrates, Judges, law enforcement institutions, Military,Army personals are so set up in their minds with this education or teachings what they were taught from their childhood. The result is this unpopular is being misused on innocents, they are being killed disgraced insulted boycotted including all Minorities( Hindus Christians Shia Muslims Ahmadi Muslims and many other sects who are less in their numbers,and those who have different of opinions in the name of religion of Islam.Here we can only hope and wait,for the divine help.

  5. This Blasphemy law cannot be changed unless it effected the Mullah directly. I suggest that Mullah’s speeches should be monitored and they should be noted for blasphemous utterance. Not according to what they think, but according to what listeners think.(this is what they are doing to others) And they should be charged with no mercy. As they do.Only then they will realise what they are doing.
    Now to list some of the Muallah’s Blasphemies.
    1) Allah and his Prophet said whoever says Laa Ilaaha Illallah Muahhamdurrasulallah, is a Muslim.This creed has been declared a key to enter into the fort of Islam. But today’s Mullah has changed the very saying of Allah and the Prophet,( a person they deceive people to hold very dear) but have no regard for their decisions. They can kick out of the folds of Islam whenever wherever they feel like it. As if they will be the ones that will judge people’s credibility in hereafter.
    And they think they will escape this sin without a question?
    Who gave them this authority????
    They should be charged for cahnging Allah’s command.
    2) There is not a single Quranic verse, Hadith or sunnah in which Allah or Hudhur s.a.w. ordered his companions to go and kill blasphemers. NEVER not a single one.The woman who threw garbage on him, when she did not, the Holy Prophet asked her well being, and when told she was sick he went to see her. this is a small incident, but the day in Taif which the Holy Prophet held as the hardest day of his life. When he was so wounded that his shoes were filled with blood. But even then what did he do? When God’s angel asked him , if he wanted God will grind these people between the hills. He said no, Oh Allah forgive them for they know not what they are doping.
    No blasphemy law was ordered by Allah. And Mullah is ordering one? Is it not a blasphemy against the sunnah of Allah’s apostle? Should the Mullah not be asked and punished for this deliberate alteration ?
    There are a lots of wrong relating to the life of Hudhur s.a.w.w and about the commands of the Holy Quran. But because Mullah feels his understanding is rihgt, he has more insight on the matter then what Allah’s apostle’s practice. Mullah thinks he has has more authority to interpret Islam then others. Or rather this authority has only been assigned to him. Hence no one else should dare use his brain, but just dance to his tunes.
    For the fear of length I stop here. It is just a food for thought for the blind followers of Mullahs. they should start screening the double standards and life style of this creature, while dealings with others in their daily lives. Check their sources of income. soon they will find how horrible different they are then what they pose. Soon they will be in a place where they belong. Inshal’Allah.
    They chant verses like “jantar mantar” which do not come from their heart. It is only to fool others and impress them with their bubbling knowledge. At the same time it conceals their double personality. They try to appear as a sheep whereas they are wolves within.
    Not all Mullah’s maybe so but most of them, to me 99 % are of this calibre. Allah know the best.
    One tip on the topic. How to differentiate between a good Mullah from the bad one.Very simple. Whoever preaches hatred is the bad one. The one promoting love and peace is the good one.

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