U.S. troops tried to burn 500 copies of Koran, investigation says

U.S. troops tried to burn about 500 copies of the Koran as part of a badly bungled security sweep at an Afghan prison in February, despite repeated warnings from Afghan soldiers that they were making a colossal mistake, according to a U.S. military investigative report released Monday.

The number of copies of the Muslim holy book that were taken to the incinerator at Bagram air base was far greater than U.S. military officials earlier acknowledged in their accounts of an act of desecration that triggered riots across Afghanistan. The incident is also thought to have played at least a partial role in an ensuing increase in attacks against NATO troops by Afghan soldiers and police.


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  1. Having met US troops in Iraq I do feel that what they did was not done in ‘bad faith’. They are actually that uneducated about their environment. When sitting in an American Military Base in Iraq one could have just as well have been sitting in Texas. (Except for the rockets coming in from time to time, just to remind that this is ‘the real thing’)…

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