Eid promotes the spirit of sacrifice

Source: Jagran

Qadian, Gurdaspur

Today, the holy festival of eid is being celebrated across India with great fervor and religiosity. Literal meaning of Eid stands for ‘Happiniess’. Muslims celebrate Eid twice every year. One to which we refer as ‘Sewaiya wali Eid’ and the second one is known as Eid of ‘Qurbani’.

Eid ul fitr is celebrated after 30th day of Ramzan as a means of expressing thankfulness. Both the eid inspire human beings for sacrificing own self for the sake of humanity. Eid ul fitr is associated with Ramzan. It was during Ramzan, when Allah revealed the Quran to prophet Muhammad(s.a.s.) . Muslims fast in the month, read Quran with special attention, focus on good deeds and spend their time in remembrance of Allah. Philosophy of Eid lies in expressing happiness for good and virtuous deeds. In reality festivals are celebrated for keeping communities alive. Founder of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmed(a.s.) is reported to have said Eid is in true sense when you celebrate eid of the poor and then celebrate yours. Taking part in the lives of poor is the true happiness of Eid.

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