Hamburg signs historic deal with Muslims

The Local: Hamburg authorities have signed a deal with the city’s Muslim community groups guaranteeing Islamic holidays, school religion lessons, and burial rights. It’s the first agreement of its kind in Germany.

Olaf Scholz, Mayor of Hamburg

“Something that should be taken for granted has gained a lot of attention,” Hamburg’s centre-left mayor Olaf Scholz said as he presented the new agreement on Tuesday. It is the first ever deal between a German state and its Muslim community, Scholz said – “a signal that we’re ready and willing to cooperate.”

The Fazle Omar Mosque in Hamburg is the second purpose-built mosque in Germany. The mosque in Wieckstraße is run by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (AMJ) and was inaugurated on July 22, 1957 by Sir Muhammad Zafrulla Khan.

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  1. Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Hamburg has also been promised to have their views heard and probably will be agreed specially when some festival days differ to other Muslim groups. Germany has state government system. In state of Hessen situation is much more encouraging where along with Turkish Organisation Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is also on board to start the Islamic lessons in the schools.

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