Veiled French Muslim woman charged with inciting riot

A French Muslim woman has been charged with assault and inciting a riot after she refused a police ID check because she was wearing a banned full-face veil, a police source said Tuesday.

The 18-year-old is to appear in court in the northern city of Lille on October 30 charged with assault, insulting police and inciting a riot after police tried to take her to a station for refusing to provide identification.

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Categories: France, Islam, Women Rights

5 replies

  1. In a culture where only highway men, bank robbers and burglars cover their faces; people must be prepared to show their faces to the police when requested.

    In a snow storm, we all wear a scarf around our faces – just as one does in a sand storm.
    However, France – in summer – is not the right place.

  2. As a responsible citizen we should co-operate with the law and order authorities..
    Moreover if woman officers can be there in such situations. After all in the western countries every one’s ethnic sentiments are respected.

  3. Whether she is in a muslim country or not, ID has to be shown when asked by the authorities. At the same time, whether a woman is wearing a hijab or not she has to respected when her ID is required.

  4. im with tom holland and his thoughts and findings re the authenticity of islam, nothing more than a completely made up christianity high jack .. so many questions unanswered and and dont get me started on womens right .. .i lived with m uslims in the east end of london and have never witnessed anything so alien to the rights and privleges the british have fought for over the years not least womens rights and the rights of children to be protected from indoctrination from their parents ( madrass school at 5 years old learning the quoran in arabic rote fashion, and female genital mutilation .. ) give me a break … so to all you muslim women stop convincing yourself the rantings of your self serving husbands is for your benefit because i can assure you that when i used to go out with the muslim men at night you were the last thing on their minds as they visited the brothels of east london ( i could give you names !!!!)

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