‘Locked-In’ Coma Survivor Describes Hearing Doctors Discuss Ending His Life

Business Insider:

Two days after regaining consciousness from a massive stroke, Richard Marsh watched helplessly from his hospital bed as doctors asked his wife, Lili, whether they should turn off his life support machine.

Marsh, a former police officer and teacher, had strong views on that suggestion. The 60-year-old didn’t want to die. He wanted the ventilator to stay on. He was determined to walk out of the intensive care unit and he wanted everyone to know it.

But Marsh couldn’t tell anyone that. The medics believed he was in a persistent vegetative state, devoid of mental consciousness or physical feeling.

Nothing could have been further from the truth. Marsh was aware, alert and fully able to feel every touch to his body.

“I had full cognitive and physical awareness,” he said. “But an almost complete paralysis of nearly all the voluntary muscles in my body.”

Richard Marsh


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  1. Subhan Allah! This reminds of a personal experience I had with a patience who in comma and left for dying in a hospital for over a month. I went to pray (having heard a recovery from such a state) to pray for the revival of the young lady. After a short prayer, I wrote: ” You shall recover, Inshah Allah, soon, very soon.”

    A week later the young expectant mother came recovered and to this tells everyone the story of seeing me at the hospital and praying and saying those words to her. Amazing power of recovery that God has within our semiconscious mind. Alhundo Lillah.

  2. One lady (my sister’s friend) told me an even more amazing story: She said that during an operation she was ‘out of the body’ and watched from above how they were operating. She also heard a doctor say ‘why do we bother, the lady is crippled anyway’. She also saw that a nurse dropped something and instead of replacing it with a clean tool just put it back and gave it to the doctor. This was from an angle that she could not have seen from the bed. She recovered and asked the doctor: ‘why did you say that I was a cripple, do you think we kind of people do not want to live?’ The doctor was so shocked (as she was supposed to be in deep ‘sleep’) that he run away and always avoided her in future. (she also mentioned the ‘picking up of the tool’…).

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