Islamic Center of Murfreesboro granted temporary occupancy

MURFREESBORO — The Islamic Center of Murfreesboro has been granted a temporary certificate of occupancy, valid for 30 days, by the state fire marshal’s office.

County codes officials conducted a walk-through inspection of the building on Veals Road Friday afternoon and discovered no problems, but the state fire marshal still had to grant the OK. Today was the first day the state fire marshal was able to visit.

Essam Fathy, chairman of the ICM board, said the center will begin holding Friday prayers at the new location and continue moving in during the month.

In order to recieve its temporary certificate of occupancy from the Rutherford County Building and Codes Department, the ICM must post a landscaping bond. County codes officials David Jones said that could occur by the close of business today.

The Islamic Center of Murfreesboro has received a temporary certificate of occupancy to allow it to move into its new mosque on Veals Road. / Helen Comer/DNJ

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