Christians join Dubai Ramadan charity efforts

DUBAI Parishioners of St Mary’s Church are joining their Muslim brethren in Ramadan-related charity work by collecting groceries and personal items for construction workers in Dubai labour camps.

“We’ve started collecting the goods from generous parishioners and we’re hoping to deliver hundreds of ‘Bags of Hope’ at the end of four weeks,” said Roshan, leader of the St Mary’s Samaritan team doing the drive for the third year.

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  1. We want to ask urgently prayer request for the victims of conflict
    between BangaliMuslim and Ara Khanese at Ara Khan State.
    In Burma, many families have lost their homes and livelihoods in
    cyclone Giri. Cyclone Giri survivors are urgently in need of clean
    water, food and shelter. Giri is the name given to the cyclone that
    hit Rakhine Division in the western and Magwe Dividion in central
    Myanmar. The cyclone reached Rakhine Division at 1700 hours on 22
    November 2010 and continued until 0300 hours the next morning.
    Unfortunately ,at t the early days of June, there has been rape-case
    happened on 27 year-old Ara Khan girl, Ms. Ma Thida Htwe by three
    Bangali at Ara Khan State. Then about 7 days ago, 10 Muslims killed by
    Ara Khan bad men on public traffic , Akyab-Yangon Bus. So and so
    fighting happened after it between BangaliMuslim and Ara Khanese at
    Ara Khan State. residents in southwestern Burma’s Arakhan state, where
    sectarian conflict has continued for days despite a declared state of
    emergency, are demanding more security forces be deployed throughout
    the area to curb the violence after Bangladesh closed its doors to
    Burmese fleeing the region. In Sittwe, the capital of Arakhan state,
    also called Rakhine state, approximately 700 soldiers and security
    forces are now stationed, but there are still reports of violence
    between Buddhists and Muslims, according to Irrawaddy magazine.
    The two groups have carried out tit-for-tat attacks on one another
    throughout the state, leaving as many as 21 dead and hundreds of homes
    burned to the ground in a week, according to some estimates. “Security
    forces are only in major locations so Arakanese living in Sittwe’s
    suburbs want them to be in their areas as well in order to protect
    them from danger,” Khaing Pyi Soe, a spokesperson for the Rakhine
    Nationalities Development Party (RNDP), was quoted as saying by the
    A reporter covering the violence said children, approximately 10 years
    old, from the Muslim community known as Rohingya Muslims, were setting
    fire to homes.
    “They burned Arakanese houses. They also burned their houses,” the
    reporter told Irrawaddy. “There were about 2,000 people in their
    crowd. The Arakanese have moved to monasteries.”
    Our missionary Bro.San Thein(Rakhain) who come and informed us to help
    his native Rakhain people and his congregation are lacking the
    following necessary thing for their professional life currentl;
    1. Ten boats for their professional lives.
    2. To be provided their school fees, clothes, foods, health for the children.
    3. Solar light to study their school lesson for the children.
    4. Ten boats and ten nets for the professional lives of the fisher-men.
    5. To build new houses for their residences and to worship new Church building.
    Please pray for them so that they may be able to depend up on God and
    able to get necessary assistance for relief works. If you remit your
    contribution, please send to my new banking account as follow:
    CardHolder Name : Cin Sian Pau
    ShweMoney Virtual Visa Card Number :4067424177336439
    Expire Date : 06/2013
    You can remit your contribution from your bank. I look forward to
    hearing from you soon.
    Report for Project Accomplishment:The MURCM will make timely reports
    about the steps of work accomplishment. Whenever each village relief
    work becomes successful, a timely report be sent to the project
    partners. An account for expenditures of each well and also an
    account for the total expenditure will be sent to project partners as
    soon as possible, after completion of the relief works. Thank you.
    We look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Yours in His vineyard
    Rev.Cin Sian Pau
    Ph: 0958636191

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