Ahmadis, Why it’s not a minority issue?

Rabwah.net: by Dure Adan: 1400 years ago in the city of Medina, the political ruler of the time whose name was Muhammad ordered a census. My guess is that it was because he wanted to figure out the total number of the residents living in that area and the demographic makeup of the society. This would then help him to lead that polity in the best and most just way possible (because administering justice is what he was famous for).  Therefore, He gave the following order to the people conducting the census:

“Write down for me the name of every such individual who claims to be a Muslim by the word of his own mouth” (SahihBukhari, Kitabul Jihadi Wassiyar, BabuKitabatilImaminnasa, Hadith no. 3060. This hadith is also found in Sahih Muslim).

Even though this man was the founder of the religion of Islam and knew the teachings of Islam better than anyone can ever claim to know, He didn’t delve into any specific conditions of defining what constitutes a Muslim, particularly in the matter of a census which includes identification of all residents of a particular political entity. You can notice that even the uttering of Kalima is not present. The only criterion for you to be considered a Muslim in the eyes of the ruler/state is that you yourself say that you are one.

The condition of minorities in Pakistan is no secret. Even though some brave souls do raise voices about their dire state but society at large is apathetic regarding the severity of situation. Even though all minorities in Pakistan have legitimate grievances that needed to be addressed and there are some common factors that affect them all, the issue of Ahmadis however, is not just a minority issue. It has implications that extend far and beyond the discrimination faced by this particular community. This issue defines Pakistan’s identity as a nation, betrays the ideals of its founders, introduces the concept of exclusionary citizenship and legalizes discrimination. Let me demonstrate.


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