Hijab tutorial book

Another hijab tutorial book launched

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – The trend of Muslim clothes in Indonesia is related with hijab –or headscarf- trend. Boutique and hijab community, or known as hijabers, are among those who spread the trend and explore the style.

Moshaict, a hijab boutique, tries to be a role model and inspiration of Muslim women by launching the fifth hijab tutorial book. The book gives Muslim women a reference on the style of hijab, especially for this upcoming Eid al-Fitr.

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  1. Hi I live in New York City I would like to get this fashion book I just married muslim mam I would love to dress like that please help that sister. Salam

  2. I am sorry if I sound too strict. But this is not real Hijab. The real Islamic Hijab is supposed to be simple and a bit bigger that spreads over the bosom.Only on the extreme left is better.
    These Hijabs are very colorful and decorated.
    Again sorry but that is the truth.

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