‘Love jihad’ bogeyman resurfaces

Credit: Asiatimes:

Muslim men, the story goes, are running around seducing girls of the Hindu and other faiths for the sole purpose of converting them to Islam, and (some add) using their wombs to create yet more Muslims and alter India’s overwhelmingly Hindu demographic. The tale – discredited by police investigation – first became popular back in 2009, but has reappeared in a poster at Bharatiya Janata Party HQ. – Sudha Ramachandran (Jul 17, ’12)


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  1. BJP wants to get attention with ‘shock and awe’ slogans and baseless rhetoric, as always. Instead of promoting racial and religious harmony, it has taken a divisive stance. Similar idiotic propaganda caused loss of lives in the past. This party is the sole instigator of massive riots and violence related to the Babri Masjid, that resulted in 1500 deaths in 1992-1993.

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