German Ahmadiyy Muslim Group Honoured to visit Jewish Synagogue!

Credit: Sami Khokhar of Hamburg-Germany

By Zubair Khan

As many readers of Muslim Times know, few days back shock waves were sent amongst Jewish and Muslim communities of Germany when the Cologne court ruling said religious circumcision of male infants was tantamount to grievous bodily harm, a criminal act subject to prosecution. It concerned a case brought against a doctor who had circumcised a four-year-old Muslim boy in line with his parents’ wishes.When, a few days after the operation, the boy suffered heavy bleeding, prosecutors charged the doctor. The court later acquitted the doctor himself of causing harm but judged that “the right of a child to keep his physical integrity trumps the rights of parents” to observe their religion, potentially setting a legal precedent.The German government pledged quick action to protect the right of Jews and Muslims to circumcise baby boys on religious grounds, after a court ruling that prompted international outcry.Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman Steffen Seibert told reporters it was “concerned” about the judgement published by a Cologne regional court calling the religious rite of circumcision a criminal act. He said “It is absolutely clear to the federal government that we want Jewish, we want Muslim religious life in Germany. Circumcisions carried out in a responsible way must not be subject to prosecution in this country,” he said. “It is urgently necessary that we establish legal certainty.”He said that aides from Merkel’s office would now discuss with the relevant government ministries ways to put the “ancient rite” on firm legal footing. “It is clear this cannot be put on the back burner. Freedom to practise religion is a cherished legal principle,” he said.

Being common effectors on certain religious issues like one stated above, German Jew Community keeps on striving to have cordial relations with Muslim groups. How much Jewish community succeedes in its effort is left to any body’s guess. Any way when contact established, the members of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Hamburg including Missionary Mr Laeeq Munir and local Head Ch. Zahoor consented to visit the Jewish Synagogue located in Hohen Weide areas of Hamburg. The cordial invitation was extend by Mr Sammy Josifoff who teaches in Jewish Study department of Hamburg University. Link Pin between Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and Jewish professor was Mr Sami Khokhar, a promising and upcoming member of German Ahmadiyya Community. On arrival group of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community was received by the Mr Sammy.  Those without head gears were offered to put on one as was obligatory to enter the house of God. In a short briefing, visitors were told various rituals of Judaism practiced by Jews. Behind the cupboard was the treasure of commandments of Moses (AS) preserved from history. Like Ahmadies, Jews also organise gathering with females sitting separately.  In this case men in lower hall while ladies in upper portion of the hall. Unmarried girls can visit the House of God without veil but married are bound to cover their heads. Pig is forbidden in Jews also but little bit Al kohl is permitted as told by the host.  Who so ever comes to worship in Synagogue is supposed to put on a cloth on his shoulders as has been shown in the video. It was told that Jews perform three times Salat as compared to 5 times of Muslims.  However various movements in their Salat are different.  Holy day for Jews is Saturday and most blessed day is Yamkapur when all Jews prefer to fast for 24 to 26 hours.
One can see and enjoy the video to have closer look of Jewish Synagogue of hamburg.  Click HERE to watch the video.

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  1. During his private conversations which Mr Sammy does during various sittings of the Hamburg Islamic Shoora, he has always advised other Muslim Groups to take Ahmadiyya Community on baord. As per his statement, only Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, has the knowledge, competence and capacity to defend the Islam. How true his statement is. Might be sooner the other Muslim Groups in Hamburg will also realise and accept this plain truth.

  2. This is the tolerance and understanding we need among religions today to foster unity and peaceful coexistence in the world.
    Ahmadis are always ahead in championing this cause. Alhamdulillah.
    Keep it up.

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