Circumcision Ruling in Germany. Was it a Misfired Shot?

By Zubair Khan

Few days back shock waves were sent amongst Jewish and Muslim communities of Germany, when ruling, in the case of a Muslim boy taken to a doctor with bleeding after circumcision, the Cologne court said the practice inflicts bodily harm and should not be carried out on young boys, but could be practiced on older males who give consent. Court ruling further elaborated, religious circumcision of male infants was tantamount to grievous bodily harm, a criminal act subject to prosecution. The whole matter pertained to a case brought against a doctor who had circumcised a four-year-old Muslim boy in line with his parents’ wishes. When, a few days after the operation, the boy suffered heavy bleeding, prosecutors charged the doctor. The court later acquitted the doctor himself of causing harm but judged that “the right of a child to keep his physical integrity trumps the rights of parents” to observe their religion, potentially setting a legal precedent.
In a furious reaction European rabbis descended on Berlin immediately to lobby against what they see as an affront to religious freedom – with the backing of Muslim and Christian leaders in an unusual show of unity, as well as the support of many German politicians. Unanimous declaration was, “Not acceptable under Jewish religious practice which requires boys to be circumcised from eight days old, nor for many Muslims, for whom the age of circumcision varies according to family, country and branch of Islam”. European rabbis ended their meeting in Berlin on Thursday in a defiant mood. They plan talks with German Muslim and Christian leaders in Stuttgart next week to see how they can fight the ban together. The head of the Conference of European Rabbis urged Jews in Germany to continue carrying out circumcision despite the ban. “Circumcision represents the basis for belonging to the Jewish community. It has been practiced for 4,000 years and cannot be changed,” said the head rabbi, Goldschmidt. Germany is home to about 120,000 Jews and 4 million Muslims. Many of the latter originating from Turkey, which has also condemned court ruling.
The German government pledged quick action to protect the right of Jews and Muslims to circumcise baby boys on religious grounds, after a court ruling that prompted international outcry. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman Steffen Seibert told reporters it was “concerned” about the judgment published by a Cologne regional court calling the religious right of circumcision a criminal act. He said “It is absolutely clear to the federal government that we want Jewish, we want Muslim religious life in Germany. Circumcisions carried out in a responsible way must not be subject to prosecution in this country,” he said. “It is urgently necessary that we establish legal certainty.”He said that aides from Merkel’s office would now discuss with the relevant government ministries ways to put the “ancient rite” on firm legal footing. “It is clear this cannot be put on the back burner. Freedom to practice religion is a cherished legal principle,” he said.
Here question arises after all why on circumcision this stir has been created in Germany. In depth analysis of the behaviour of this nation reveals, with frequent intervals, so called intellectuals of this nation keep on jolting the peaceful atmosphere of the country on one or the other pretext. In most of the cases they target Muslims. Banning Salat during work hours, restricting hi jab, objection on holy book Quran, not promitting minarets higher than tombs of Churches, banning of Slafis and now ruling against circumcision all speak of adventurism, the so called intellectuals of this nation keep on undertaking mostly against Islam. As luck would had it, the current anti Islamic ruling of the court proved more to be anti-Jew ruling thus forced the Government to react on emergency basis.  With in couple of days all national news papers and TV channels flooded their pages and programs with the topic of circumcision.  Muslim and Jews were made sit together thus paving the way to find an honourable solution for this misfired shot. Let us hope soon dust will die down as at least Germany, due to its anti Jew past,  has no capacity and competence to interfere with religious matters of the Jews.

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