Indonesian NGO asks if Ahmadiyah Minority Marked for Destruction.

Media Indonesia reports on that latest Islamist assault on Ahmadis – Setara Institute has suggested the state apparatus’ indolence in defending this innocent minority is no mere manifestation of sloth but part of a larger scheme to achieve the end of Ahmadiyah in Indonesia.


In the event that the security forces seem to let these things happen, the recurrence of such incidents suggests intent to eliminate the existence of Ahmadiyah.…this was stated by Setara Vice Chairman Bonar Tigor Naipospos on Sunday (15/7). He said the government condones violence against Jemaah Ahmadiyah, which should be be prevented by police.

But are the rank-and-file police to blame, or is the problem higher up the chain of command?

“…there are no orders from above….the police could easily track down clues to the existence of an attack, especially in areas such as Cisalada,” he said.

Indeed, the police did a strange sort of job, as Sunday’s Jakarta Post describes, quoting an Ahmadi villager named Mukhsin.

During the attack, only five police officers appeared at the scene. Only after locals disbanded themselves, some 200 officers showed up, he said.

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