Ahmadiyya Schools in Nigeria


Presently all primary schools established under the Tahrik-i-Jadid have been taken over by the respective state governments. The schools are generally known as Fazl-i-Omar Primary Schools. There are quite a number of them in Lagos, Ogun, Oyo and Kwara States.

Presently all primary schools established under the Tahrik-i-Jadid have been taken over by the respective state governments. The schools are generally known as Fazl-i-Omar Primary Schools. There are quite a number of them in Lagos, Ogun, Oyo and Kwara States.

The secondary schools spread all over the country by 1989 numbered at least eleven. Seven of them have been taken over by the respective state governments leaving four in the control of the Nusrat Jehan Scheme of the Jama’at.

The four secondary schools directly under Jama’at control as at 1989 are described below:

Established January 1970, the pioneer Principal was Mr. R. Saqib a dedicated missionary teacher from Pakistan who arrived March 1, 1970. The Principal had been manning the school creditably since then. The school has become well established and it was approved within four years of its existence. The school’s popularity in the areas of sports and academic are quite remarkable. The has led to the school being reffered to simply as “Ahmadiyya”.

Umaisha was a very rural and remote area where no voluntary organization was interested in establishing secondary schools. The place was infested with mosquitoes and lacked all amenities. Yet Jama’at Ahmadiyya through dedicated members established the college in 1973. Prominent among those who sacrificed for its establishment was Alhaji A. Q. A. Matajo who directed the construction work and the pioneer Principal, Brother Irfan Sadiq.


The establishment of the two schools was sequel to the efforts of a former Deputy Governor of Plateau State, Alhaji Yakubu Danladi who approached Ahmadiyya Jama’at for assistance in establishing Muslim oriented secondary schools. Specifically he requested the Jama’at to establish the schools at Ara and Onda respectively. The Jama’at rose to the occasion and the formal opening of the two schools took place consecutively on March 16 and 17, 1981 under the Chairmanship of the Amir Maulana M. A. Shahid supported by eminent guests including top government functionaries and traditional Chiefs. The Pioneer Principal at Ara was Mubarak Ali Tahir and that of Onda was Abdullah Tahir both dedicated Missionary teachers from Pakistan.

The secondary schools taken over by various state governments include:
• Ahmadiyya Secondary School Minna (Niger State).
• Ahmadiyya Secondary School Ayegunle Gbede (Kogi State)
• Ahmadiyya Secondary School Ago Iwoye (Ogun State)
• Ahmadiyya Secondary School Ogbagi Akoko (Ondo State)
• Ahmadiyya Secondary School Owo (Ondo State)
• Ahmadiyya Secondary School Oni (Ogun State)
• Ahmadiyya Girls Secondary School Gussau (Sokoto State).

When the schools were being taken over, the Christian religious organizations demanded heavy compensation from the state governments and requested their dedicated teachers to withdraw from the schools so taken over. However, Jama’at Ahmadiyya neither demanded nor received any compensation in respect of its schools. Their dedicated teachers were also requested to continue their dedicated services to the respetive state governments in those schools. This gesture impressed the then North-Western State Government where two Ahmadiyya Schools at Minna and Gusau were taken over.

Source: http://www.ahmadiyyang.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=5&Itemid=69

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  1. Dear Rafiq has described various schools in Nigeria a wonderful contribution by Ahmadiyya Muslim Community under Nusrat Jehan Aage Baro – leap forward scheme which was divine scheme but was implemented by ahmadi mullahs who literally abused almost all missionary teachers by misleading them and then torturing them. Tell me one missionary teacher or doctor who wasn’t abused tortured and left unharmed and blameless. The money monger Mullah “mr no problem” made llife hell for many of them you know. Internal assessment and evaluation for refinement of schemes is most needed free from mullahism and nepotism on claimed absolute justice. Many books can be written on this you know. Ask Irfan Sadiq and Saqib, dr bhutta, dr tauqeer and sardar handed how they were treated. Let me ask you have you sent your children or any of the teachers or doctors in this scheme again if no why no ??? We must stop self praise.

    • My mother used to say: “Es menschelt ueberall” (in German, difficult to translate: something like “It ‘humanizes’ everywhere”). Meaning we are all humans with shortcomings. Therefore, yes, your suggestion for ‘Internal assessment and evaluation for refinement of schemes is most needed’ is good and should be taken up. (in all walks of life actually, and in all institutions).

  2. Dear Mr, Rafiq,
    Asalomo Alekum wa rehmat ullah(Arabic)
    May Allah,s peace and bleesing be upon you(English)

    Thank you very much for describing various schools in Nigeria. It is a wonderful educational services contribution by International Ahmadiyya Muslim Community,s members under supervision of our Holy Caliph Hadrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad. May Allah Almighty bless all contributers, members of International Ahmadiyya Muslim Communty a happy, healthy and wealthy long life. Ameen

    • Ahmadiyya college kano the best college in Africa we the students we are fround of the college the best college in Africa

  3. Mr Rafiq many thanks we must not forget the incidents of miscarriage of justice taking place in religious organisations breaching human rights of their members in the name of nizam with no right to complain or be listened to because the leader has decided most often if you research the incidents you will find the leader has been fed with partial report and manipulated evidence to penalise someone with whom he has one way or the some personal agenda. So absolute justice requires behaviour which seen to be done but this is unfortunately did not exist anywhere most often dictatorial decisions are taken without any regard to human rights and dignity of the victims of such oppressive decisions so there is a need for reviewing miscarriages of justice within and necessary apologies or compensation made. This is very important for living nations or communities. You see in this part of the world we live there is reformation which cannot be done unless you admit your errors and apologise and then reform. There are several incidents where serious miscarriage of justice has taken place families are destroyed because of this their reputation is harmed and stigma is attached to them by those in authority by gossips which is very common in Devine community now a days.

  4. Let us encourage constructive criticism for the sake of reformation. Weld one muzaffar and rafiq for opening this chapter that none is perfect. All old decisions be revisited particularly punishing people with a benefit of doubt that miscarriage of justice may have done to them why not

  5. Beauty of Africans they are clean hearted unbiased people “saeed ruhein” withou any malice have accepted the truth of ahmadiyyat you see.

  6. I am very pleased to hear about the Ahmadiyya Muslim Schools in Nigeria. In Sierra Leone, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at has 187 Primary Schools and 50 Secondary Schools.

    Almost every one in three person attended some level of Ahmadiyya School. A great service to the Educational system.

  7. Very informative article. Just an additional information/correction; currently, the Principal of Ahmadiyya College Kano is Mr.Munawwar Ahmad Qayyum, my father. He took over in 1989 from Mr.Saqib and is serving the Jamaat since then.
    Umaisha is still a very remote area, and lacks all amenities, but Ahmadiyya College Umaisha was blessed to have had 2 Waqf Principals from Pakistan in last decade.
    May Allah give us the strength to serve jamaat endlessly. Ameen!

  8. Please where is Mr R.A Saqib, the pioneer principal of Ahmadiyya Secondary School Kano. He was my Principal as a pioneer student of the school in 1970. I hope is well. If he is alive, can I be linked to him?

    Olumuyiwa Olugbemi
    Kaduna, Nigeria

  9. Jazakamullah.One is pleased to note that so many Missionaries, Doctors and Teachers from Pakistan have the honor to serve, in outstanding dedicated ways of life, in various medical and educational institutions of West African Countries. Alhamdolillah.May all these Ahmadiyya institutions continue to serve the lofty cause of all Africans for centuries to come , by the grace of God, Ameen.
    Here I may inform Mr. Olugbemi, the pioneer student of The Ahmadiyya Secondary School, Kano, Nigeria, that his( as well as mine) teacher and the pioneer Principal of the Kano School, Mr.Rafiq Ahmad Saqib, Sahib, can be connected/reached at the following address:-
    Prof. Rafiq A Saqib, M.Sc.,
    Kano Lodge,
    H.No. 10/15
    Darul Aloom Gharbi,
    Rabwah, Chenabnagar,
    Distt. Chiniot,
    Plz convey our hearty greetings and prayers to all our brothers-in-Islam-e-Ahmadiyyat. May you and we all Ahmadi muslims, throughout the the world live a dedicated life in peace with progressive advancements in all spheres of life, by the grace of God Almighty and we actually live and spend our time/lives as actively as desired by our beloved supreme Head, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Al-khamis, by the grace of God, InshaAllah. Wassalam, Cordially yours, M.S. Khalid.( Old Student, Talim-ul-Islam College, Rabwah)

  10. salam Rafiq sahib,
    i would like to get information on ahmadiyya schools and hospitals , as they are needed in my thesis. kindly help me with that.
    jazakallahu ahsanal jaza

  11. Dear Brother Rafique Sahib, Assalm-o-Alaikum WW, my name is Mubarik Ali Tahir and I was founding Principal of Ahmadiyya community Secondary School Ara. Serving Jammaat in Nigeria was a great blessing and I thank Almighty Allah for giving me this chance. For the last 24 years I have been setteled in Canada and working as Principal design engineer for telecommunication industry. Brother Abdul Hai Tahir is also in Canada and working as robotic engineer for automotive industry.

    • Thanks brother for this information. Could you let us have an article (or more!) on how you founded that school? As you know ‘Ahmadiyyat in Africa’ is still under-represented in The Muslim Times, in MTA – Muslim TV Ahmadiyya and in other publications. African members of the Jama’at probably outnumber Pakistanis, but you would not notice when you go through these publications. Thanks for your help!

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