Ring of Fire: An Indonesian Odyssey

The Jakarta Globe:

Sandwiched between the Indian and the Pacific oceans and home to more than 1,000 ethnic groups and 300 distinct languages, Indonesia looks different to each person who encounters this remarkable country.

Of course, the entire journey was not a smooth ride. Behind Indonesia’s picturesque beauty and abundant natural resources, there is often injustice and need, at least from an urban point of view.

But Youk Tanzil’s point of view is likely one of the most interesting takes on Indonesia. To the 59-year-old executive producer of “Ring Of Fire Adventure,” Indonesia is more than just his homeland; it is a place of endless adventure, a paradise of eternal beauty, and an unfolding anthology of stories.

The Ring of Fire Adventure is a journey of a father and his children, across Indonesia on a mission to showcase the wonders, beauty, and the realities of the country we call home. Our expedition on motorcycles will allow us to explore beyond the metropolitan expanse of popular tourist destinations to reveal the true colors of Indonesia, reaching inside the deep roots of the rainforests, the seeds of rice fields, summit of mountains, shores of beaches, and the heart of villages to be one with the people. We are on a mission to explore Indonesia from the inside out.

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  1. Saluut !, Adventure yang cukup membanggakan, bisa membangun citra rasa CINTA NKRI. Paparan Negeri NKRI sangat mengagumkan.salam

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