Two Ahmadis shot dead in Umerkot

HYDERABAD: Two men identified as Ahmadis were shot dead outside their place of worship in Kunri taluka of Umerkot district on Saturday by a security guard belonging to their own community.

According to the first information report (FIR), Fakhruddin, 45, and Maqsood Ahmed, 28, died on the spot while Rafique Ahmed was critically injured after being shot by the guard over an argument. The Kunri SHO said the suspect, Idrees Shah, was arrested and the weapon used in the crime recovered.

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11 replies

  1. Brought a bad name and sad, Ahmadi killing Ahmadi. Need thorough revision of standard operative procedure (SOP)

  2. yes it happend outside the mosque. It’s totally irresponsible behaviour absolutely no tolerate level and resulted devastation of four families and bad spot on Jamat Ahmadiyya. its started due to arguments between Maqsood nephew with Idress shah and within minutes all this happend. Member of Kunri Jamat are still in shock. Idrees shah having 5 kids, Fakhar udin was married last month and maqsood left 2 kids.

  3. It is not competition, it is collaboration. The domain of knowledge is ever expanding and our focus in the Muslim Times is much more broad to cover not only Ahmadiyyat, but, the whole of the Muslim world, Islam and science and several other subjects.

    Let me share a little statistics with you here. India has more than 70,000 newspapers and over 500 satellite channels (more than 80 are news channels) and is the biggest newspaper market in the world – over 100 million copies sold each day.



  4. I wish I had not read this news. It has made me sad and angry.
    However, May we never ever hear again such news. Amen

  5. Ms Anisa. It is part of life. Some times jolts are given to shake up. Human being irrespective of faith is bound to sleep. So take it as a wake up call. Facts can not be denied and one has to face them and swallow.

  6. Sometimes persons just ‘flip out’. It reminds me in Kosovo, when I was working for the NGO Caritas Switzerland, one of our own staff shot and killed two beneficiaries simply because they argued about ‘is it my turn’ or not… (of course our staff was not supposed to carry a weapon at all).

  7. Lets hope and pray that it is an isolated incident,an enquiry(cause of reaching this mind set )is in order . I am sure those concerned are working on it..

  8. The Ahmadis fighting and killing each other, don’t they knew that we are the same family? We should advice ourselves.

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