Psychiatric evaluation finds Norwegian killer was insane during massacre

By Associated Press, Updated: Tuesday, November 29, 8:59 PM

OSLO, Norway — Confessed mass killer Anders Behring Breivik was insane when he killed 77 people in a bomb and shooting rampage in Norway, and should be sent to a psychiatric ward instead of prison, prosecutors said Tuesday.

A psychiatric evaluation ordered by an Oslo court found that Breivik was “psychotic” during the July 22 attacks — the country’s worst peacetime massacre — which means he’s not mentally fit to be sentenced to prison, prosecutors told reporters.

Editor’s note:

Of course he was not sane, neither was Hitler, or serial murderers- let all of them go free.

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  1. So all Taliban, crusaders, spree killers, terrorists, mass murderers were psychotic not criminals!
    Well known criminologists in EU and in UK clearly advised Norwegian Govt to take him an extremely dangerous criminal yet………
    He openly accepted that what he did was right and would repeat if he gets out…….and that he is inspired by Muslim terrorists groups….and he has no insane record except a typical criminal historical track i.e shy introvert, failed student and businessman…….lusting….playing violence video games…….living in seclusion for several months……

    Its been striven hard to label him as psychotic not a criminal just to
    1-prove religious extremism belongs to only one religion
    2-these societies are yet not hit by any kind of religious extremism
    3-these societies are free of any kind of insular or extremist views

    while ground reality is that in response to Islamic extremists and planned ongoing campaign against Islam, like in other western countries Norway a peaceful and beautiful country has also been infected with Christian extremism and planned campaign against Islam. Many website and critics openly have been propagating hatred against Islam and Muslim in the name of freedom of expression. There has been existing right wing extremist political party which this terrorist once belonged.

    Situation can get worse and same religious extremism can hit western countries as it is the situation in many Muslims or Asian countries if Governments do not start well planned actions to curb these people. If they continue to cover the junk under the carpet things can reach to a level where many Muslim countries are now in.

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