Jews, Muslims hold world’s largest dialogue

Foundation for Ethnic Understanding facilitates 125 events with participation of 250 Muslim, Jewish organizations in 26 countries in four continents


Thousands of Muslims and Jews across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa participated last weekend in The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding’s (FFEU) 4th annual Weekend of Twinning.

Shoulder to Shoulder

Since 2008, FFEU has organized hundreds of similar initiatives around the world in cooperation with the World Jewish Congress and the Islamic Society of North America. The annual Weekend of Twinning brings together hundreds of synagogues and mosques, cultural centers, Muslim and Jewish university students and young leadership groups and Muslim and Jewish social action networks.

These gatherings have helped Muslims and Jews in North America, Europe and around the world to nurture ties of friendship and trust. Read more

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  1. The ‘spiritual war fronts’ seem to be more drawn between ‘the religious’ and the ‘non-religious’. Therefore in future instead of ‘only’ organizing meetings with Jews and Christians we need to concentrate more on organizing meeting with ‘non-believers’ or ‘securalists’ or ‘agnostics and atheists’ and not only other religions.

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