Makkah’s heritage vanishing behind skyscrapers

Makkah: Future development in Makkah will be more in tune with traditional architecture, the mayor says, but for now residents worry that one of Islam’s holiest sites is disappearing behind skyscrapers.

The historic city, the birthplace of Islam, is studded with dozens of yellow and red cranes and metal scaffolding aimed at increasing hotel space and improving facilities to make the annual Haj safer and easier.

As more than 2.5 million Muslims from across the world flood Makkah’s narrow streets for the annual pilgrimage, however, many visitors and residents point to a government-owned 657 metres tower surmounted by an extravagant clock as evidence development has moved too quickly.

“The building regulations in the city take into consideration the width of the streets, central locations and do not allow the building of skyscrapers… what was built was that,” Mayor Osama Al Bar told Reuters when asked about the tower.

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  1. Sure, it is painful to see vanishing this way.. if the accommodation facilities need to be expanded, it can be done away from the heritage sites.. the expertise guidance may be taken from other Islamic countries as well… such as UAE and Oman..

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