Mamata Banerjee to intensify anti-leftist terrorism operations

A journey by train from Northern part of India to East india turns little less than a journey while it approaches the eastern states namely Bihar, Chattisgarh, Odisha, Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal. The abundance of landmines and threat from the Communist terrorists who call themselves as “Naxal” or “Mao-vadi” which means follower of Mao Zedong, will make trains move at speed far below than normal speed.

Apart from the passenger trains, the pace of socio-economic development is slow too in these leftist terrorism affected states owing to such threats. These states which are richest in natural and mineral resources are left behind from the process of national progress. Deployment of paramilitary forces has helped curbing leftist terrorism but has not completely wiped it out. It’s regular news to hear landmine blasts killing paramilitary personnel and kidnapping of government officials. Presence of paramilitary forces further changes social landscape of the areas from human habitation into armed forts, thereby hampering the socio-economic progress which was although little, but still taking place. As a result, civil population are trapped from within by surrounding terrorists and police. Change in political leadership in some of the states like Bihar, West Bengal is turning out to be beneficial. Mamta Banerjee, the recently elected Chief Minister of West Bengal vowed to solve Naxal issue.

 In this complex fighting equation, it can only be expected that heaven can bring normalcy, both in security and socio-economic condition.

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