Wer einmal luegt, dem glaubt man nicht, auch wenn er die Wahrheit spricht.

(Who ones lies is not believed, even when he speaks the truth).

Kingdom, GCC condemn ‘abhorrent’ plot to kill Saudi envoy


RIYADH/WASHINGTON: Saudi Arabia strongly condemned on Wednesday the “sinful and abhorrent” attempt to assassinate its ambassador to Washington, a day after the United States claimed Iran was behind the plot.

The Saudi government appreciates the efforts exerted by the American authorities … in uncovering the plot,” The Saudi Press Agency quoted an official source as saying.

In London, former chief of Saudi intelligence Prince Turki Al-Faisal said in a conference on oil on Wednesday there was overwhelming evidence that Iran was behind a plot to kill the Saudi ambassador to Washington and must “pay the price.”

“The burden of proof is overwhelming … and clearly shows official Iranian responsibility for this. Somebody in Iran will have to pay the price, whatever the level of these persons is,” Prince Turki said.

The prince, who has also served as Saudi ambassador to the United States and Britain, said the alleged plan to kill the Kingdom’s current ambassador in Washington was “so criminal, it’s beyond description.”


NOTE BY THE EDITOR: It is very unfortunate that the Government of the USA (well, many other Governments too) is not known to shirk away from lies in order to achieve their political aims. We all remember the case of the ‘Kuwaiti nurse’ during Gulf War I who states that she saw with her own eyes that Iraqi soldiers in Kuwait took babies out of incubators and threw them on the floor in order to enable them to steal the equipment. It later turned out that the lady who spoke infront of the UN was actually the daughter of Kuwait’s Ambassador who was not in Kuwait during the said period. – It also reminds me of an incident when I was sitting in the waiting room at a US Military Camp in Baghdad waiting for the armored transport to take me to the airport. While waiting we were all watching a totally stupid horror movie about some giant spiders invading a small town. No body smiled until one guy said: “The Government said so and the Government does not lie”. All US soldiers burst out laughing. They thought this the most funny part of the whole movie (which it was). Therefore unfortunately we cannot say whether the above story is true or not. ‘Overwhelming evidence’ is rather a prove that the whole story has been ‘home fabricated’. In real life evidence may not be ‘overwhelming’…

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