Palestinian success at UN serves Israeli and US interests

Source / Courtesy: The Jerusalem Post


Palestine knows, Israel knows, the US knows, and the entire world knows what the end result of any attempt to end the conflict in the Middle East must be.

Like so many others in Israel and Palestine, I, too, sat transfixed in front of the television screen as I listened to the speeches at the UN by US President Barack Obama, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

three of them addressed the representatives of the countries around the world but spoke to their peoples at home. And I was amazed.

After all, it’s obvious that Netanyahu does not want to enter into meaningful negotiations, because he does not want to reach that final stage when it will be necessary to implement “the two states for two nations” solution in the Greater Land of Israel. Nor does Abbas want to renew the negotiations at this time, because he – quite justifiably – has no faith that Netanyahu will negotiate sincerely or that he has any intention of actually reaching a solution.

Obama, too, spoke reluctantly, grudgingly accepting the conservative/nationalist Israeli narrative that Netanyahu dictated to him when he visited Washington in May. Like the saner sectors of the Israeli public, Obama understands that his support for Netanyahu’s positions actually compromises Israel’s existential interests. But the conservative forces on his own home field, the AIPAC-Tea Party-Evangelicals, have forced him into an unviable, and perhaps intolerable, detour from the only rational path – the one that inevitably leads to “two states for two nations.”

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  1. Of course the 2 state solution is in the interest of Israel and the US. Personally I feel it is not really that much in the interest of the Palestinians, as it will be a fragmented state. (Although I do understand their wish to ‘feel free’). In the longer run it would be in the interest of the Palestinians to have a One State Solution. After all the Palestinians will be in the majority in this One State and democratically should even hold the Presidency. The future is in Allah’s hands.

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