United States of America – Race and Religion to the fore in US Republican race

Source/Credit: AFP&The Times Logo : Tuesday, October 11, 2011 , by Michael Mathes,

Frontrunner Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith, debated at length when he ran for president in 2008, was decried as a “cult” by an evangelical supporter of his main challenger, Texas Governor Rick Perry.

Race relations ensnared Mr Perry after the Washington Post pointed out that his family’s rented hunting lodge had, for many years, the abhorrent name Niggerhead emblazoned on a large rock at its entrance.

Social issues are massively important in US elections, especially in the Republican primaries. Americans have always had a Christian president, and until Barack Obama, they’ve always been white.

Religion swept to the fore last Friday when a supporter for Mr Perry said Mr Romney’s faith was a non-Christian “cult”.


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