Beneath the burqa

Source: Dawn Blog

Author: Anum Pasha

The burqa, a garment which needs no introduction has been a bone to chew on for many. After the infamous burqa ban, France shunned the idea of Muslims praying on her streets in April. France is home to Europe’s largest Muslim population, but the idea is obviously to bring back ‘French-ness’ to its cities. On Thursday, France first fined two veiled women ‘guilty’ of covering up. Netherlands is also now set to follow suit in proposing a ban on the burqa.

In Bollywood, all hell broke loose recently when a scriptwriter incorporated the burqa for a female character to wear by choice. Consequently, the studio executive responded, “You have to understand – you can’t just show people wearing a burqa in Bollywood movies by choice. Either you have to be a conservative woman who wants to blow up all of United States and who doesn’t let her children go to school or you have to use it in a situation where the lead actor gets stuck in a jam and needs to escape without being seen by anyone.” To this, scriptwriter Indra Kumar said, “Look I believe in realism in scripts. Now this woman thought the burqa was a tool of empowerment so I wrote it. There are many such women in the world.”

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  1. Thank you for this nice sharing.

    It is so annoying. Burqua should be the concern of only the individuals that are supposed to wear it. It should be their like or dislike. But ironically only the people who have nothing to do with it poke their nose into the matter.
    Another fact is observing purdah is for the purpose of observing modesty. Modesty which is the back bone of any society’s morality. It is an issue of balance in the society. But Alas! this important issue has been taken for granted by the so call well wisher of the society.
    They do not see the bomb of indecency and characterless attitude, immoral behavior being explode in the world. The importance of sacredness of marriage and the peace and bliss of the family units being shattered due to unlimited so called freedom and woman liberation.
    Due to ignoring this fact that men and women are different in their creation and duties by nature our new generations have become insane. They are robotic. With no family values. They are like poultry form chicks, on their own. With no ties or regards to family values. the know hygiene, but the talk of characteristic hygiene or piety is unknown to them.
    Some people do care for this. And purdah is a step towards this bliss.The bliss of respect for moral values.

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