Islamism’s war on women

NAtional Post:

On Monday, three Muslim women spoke at the Heliconian Hall in downtown Toronto at an event titled “Islamism’s war against women.” Journalist and activist Raheel Raza argued that the legal code known as sharia has no basis in religion – but rather is a political artifice created as a means to leverage the Islamic faith into a tool for totalitarians and misogynists. Marina Nemat, an Iranian-Canadian woman who was tortured at Tehran’s Evin prison as a teenager, described how Iran’s revolutionaries exploited Islamist fervor to transform her pluralistic, cosmopolitan nation into a medieval prison state. Finally, broadcaster/activist Natasha Fatah lamented that even now, and even in Canada, we often are blind to Islamism’s true face: In the name of “tolerance,” we permit the sort of degradation of Muslim girls women that would be completely unacceptable if perpetrated against whites.

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2 replies

  1. It is unfortunate that these ladies cannot differentiate between the real Islam and those misguided so-called Muslims that gave them a bad example.

    We need to post other articles that show the real Islam in the same topic of Women’s Rights. – Inshallah we will come up with a few good articles shortly.

  2. I am so disappointed. NO ONE should play politics in the shield of religious values. Why take cover in religion? If someone does not want to observe a veil should not. simple as that.. The countries that used this strategy has oppressed some to please some. We all have equal right. Right of choice or free will of one’s faith and free will of choice.
    Please, please do not allow a few to decide for others.

    Canada is a peaceful country let it remain peaceful.

    For God’s sake they should do their politics on other issues.

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