Honour killings

National Post:

Areport on domestic violence among South Asian immigrants, released last week at Toronto police headquarters, recommends that the words “honour killing” be shunned in legal and civic discourse. The rationale for the recommendation is that providing a motivation for the crime – “honour” – implies a defence for it. In support of its recommendation, the report points to occasional leniency in the judiciary toward honour-motivated killers from other cultures.

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  1. People who kill their daughter for honor are ” murderers” not respectable or honorable being but an absolute failure. When they see they have failed to take care of their child according to their desire or faith, instead of accusing themselves and having pity on the child they become outraged and the wild beast inside springs out. Instead of being sorry and realizing their own fault, ……….. (or I would say they see their own ugliness in their failure and cannot stand it)They want to eliminate whoever stands in their way of mindset. Be it their own child. it is like a snake that eats its own babies. The are the individuals with a “low” self esteem. They as parents failed their duty towards their children. It is this guilt that annoys them. Had they spent time and watched over their kids the things have been a lot different. If your rebellion of kids does not take place over night. It’s plant grow slowly. It’s water is your negligence, and the home atmosphere.
    Such parents had no time to love and care for them when theses kids really needed them.
    If such parents knew they would not tolerate such a behavior then why they did not try their best form the day one to prevent it?
    They should have drawn closer to their children, should have befriend them with lots and lots of love and care. In order to understand them and be understood.
    Killing your own child is a horrible unimaginative inhuman act. If you cannot do anything in time it is you who is to be blamed. Not the child. Once she or he is big enough to decide then do not jump in to intervene. Because they are no more soft branches but a strong tree bark. You will break them in effort to bend them.
    In fact these type of people do not have any religion. Whichever religion they belong will defame it. They make religion their cover to fulfill their own will.To appease their wild notions, false dignity and anger.. They should be totally condemned in the society. They are the ones that do not only kill innocent individuals, but also bring shame to their faith and community.

    Such parents keep on sleeping till the water rises over their heads. It is then frantically they do anything.
    Which is too late. At such stage do whatever can be comfortably done to save your child from further spoil and danger. Do not force or harass them.
    Whatever level a child or parents might have been spoiled, enraged remember in their hearts love of parents and vise a versa exist. Just try triggering or awakening that.
    The most powerful thing in this regard is being closer to such a child. Make him/her feel cared and precious with lots and lots of love and company. You too have to kneel in order to make them bow. You too would have to compromise your negligence. NOT only THEIR change should be required by all means.
    Anyways…it is a heart aching situation in the both ways. Thus should be prevented at any cost. So that no innocent youth be killed again. And no family is devastated.

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