Be optimistic … and live longer


A study conducted by a number of Dutch researchers revealed that optimism enables men to avoid heart diseases and live a healthier life.

The research was led by famous Dutch psychiatrist and expert at the Dutch Psychological Health Institution Dr. Erik Giltay. The study said an optimist would always remain full of life and look toward a better future even when he became old.

According to Dr. Giltay, optimism is tightly linked to the physical health of man, and it protects man against a number of blood diseases that might lead to his death.

The survey covered 545 men aged between 64 and 84 and continued for 15 years. It did not include any women, yet it pointed out that optimism was important for women too.

“Optimism means getting involved in the daily life activities and having a brighter look toward the future,” the study said.

The study, however, did not prove that optimism alone could save the heart, but made it clear that an optimist was usually a person who pays much attention to his health and easily adapts to the atmosphere surrounding him.

Though some people are born optimists, others have to learn to develop optimism so as to have a positive outlook toward life. read more on Arab News

Note: Just imagine: If ‘optimism’ can extend your life, how much better would ‘Trust in Allah’ be?

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