Anna’s kitchen secrets revealed

 Source: TOI on line

One jowar bhakri, vegetables, and a bowl of simple daal cooked by Badambai for 32 years helped 74-year-old Anna Hazaresurvive 288 hours of fasting

In Ralegan Siddhi: Anna Hazare smiled benignly, sipping on honey-mixed coconut water at Ramlila grounds on Sunday. The 12-day fast had left the 74-year-old almost eight kgs lighter. Doctors called his fast nothing short of a miracle, yoga gurus and spiritual masters hailed him, while his fans attempted to find out the secret of his strength.

The secret is now out, and it is as humble as the man himself: one roti, made from jowar or bajra, vegetables, and a bowl of daal. For the past 32 years, that’s Hazare’s daily meal, alongside plenty of water. All those fancy diets are yet to reach Ralegan Siddhi.

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  1. India is a wonder world. Mirar Ji Desai was famous for drinking his urine for health and long life and now secrets of Anna kitchen.

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