Banned: ‘Taliban Hunting Club’ badges worn by UK troops in Afghanistan

British soldiers in Afghanistan have been banned from wearing skull-and-crossbones badges on their uniforms that declare ‘Death To The Taliban’ and proclaim membership of a ‘Taliban Hunting Club’.

The unofficial stick-on badges are now a cult accessory among British troops fighting Taliban insurgents.

But senior Army officers visiting Helmand province in southern Afghanistan – where most UK troops are based – have ordered them to be removed because they are deemed ‘politically insensitive’.

Commanders were said to be particularly worried about the repercussions if any of the estimated 600 soldiers wearing one of the fabric badges accidentally shot a civilian in the heat of battle.

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  1. Considering that the coalition is now considering negotiating with the Taliban, these badges bring to light the gap between diplomatic necessity, public will and military action. Either that or they simply highlight that the top-down chain of command may not be as clear-cut and focussed as militaries proclaim it to be. Vague, conflicting and convoluted orders may result in flagrant disregard of those orders or amusement about them. The badges are a minor case in point. Orders surrounding human rights issues may receive the same treatment if commands coming down the ladder are unclear or acquire conflicting shades of opinion on their way down.

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