Faithful’s obligation to charity stressed


MAKKAH/MADINAH: Sheikh Saud Al-Shuraim, imam and khatib at the Grand Mosque, said Ramadan was the sweetest month in the year in terms of spiritual peace and tranquility.

“The distinctive features of the month, which passes like a fleeting moment, make a believer wish that the whole year was like Ramadan,” Sheikh Al-Shuraim told worshippers while delivering his sermon on the last Friday of this year’s Ramadan.

The sheikh said Ramadan was different because it was the month of the Holy Qur’an, the source of a believer’s spiritual and material power. The sheikh also exhorted believers to be God-fearing and keep away from disobedience and evil deeds.

The sheikh concluded his sermon after reminding worshippers about the need to distribute the obligatory special charity of Eid before going out for prayer on the day itself.

In the midst of tight security arrangements nearly 2 million worshippers attended the congregational prayers of the last Friday of Ramadan. As all the space inside the mosque, mataf (area of circumambulation around the Kaaba) and the courtyards were packed beyond capacity, many thousands had to pray under the sweltering August sun on the asphalted roads.


More than two million worshippers attend the Isha and Tarahweeh prayers on 27th night of Ramadan at the Grand Mosque on Friday. (SPA)

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