Sarfraz Shah murder case: In swift trial, Rangers man is sentenced to death

KARACHI: An Anti-Terrorism Court in Karachi has handed down the death penalty to a Ranger accused of extrajudicial murder of a 22-year-old boy in Karachi in June.

At the final hearing of the two-month-long case on Friday, ATC-I judge Bashir Ahmed Khoso found accused Shahid Zafar, of the Abdullah Shah Ghazi unit of Pakistan Rangers, guilty of causing fatal injury to deceased Sarfraz Shah and sentenced him to death. Zafar, 35, has also been ordered to pay compensation worth Rs200,000 to Shah’s legal heirs.

Five other members of the same Pakistan Rangers unit and a civilian Afsar Khan were sentenced to life imprisonment and ordered to pay Rs100,000 each to Shah’s heirs.

Rangers, the judgment said, are supposed to be “protectors in whose presence people feel safe and secure and if protectors become perpetrators … it would certainly damage the perception of the general public about their action[s].”


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