Halal BBQ Cruise (on Lake Brienz, near Interlaken, Switzerland)

On Lake Brienz

Enjoy a wonderful evening cruise on lake brienz and be inspired of the
breathtaking surrounding. taste a delicious halal barbeque, supplemented
with several meals out of the arabian countries – an experience out of 1001

Departure 19:45 hrs, Interlaken Ost boat landing (return back at 21:30 hrs)
Dates every Wednesday, June 15, 22, 29

every Wednesday, July 6, 13, 20, 27

Tickets and Advance reservation and ticket purchase until 17:00 hrs on day of cruise
Reservations required. Later Reservation on request. Reservatio ns are final and nonrefundable. No seat reservation possible.

Note: Sorry this News is posted late. Plan it for next year’s vacations.

Categories: Islam, Switzerland, Tourism

2 replies

  1. The most extremely rude staff I’ve ever encountered in my life. Arrogant, savage, and disorganised.
    I don’t recommend it at all. Doesn’t worth the very expensive fare.
    Monday, 29th August 2016

    • It reminds me when I had the occasion to be the host for an Iraqi Minister and his entourage in Geneva. I saw a sign ‘Gourmet Cruise’ and thought that might be a good idea. In order not to have a problem with ‘halal’ we ordered fish. (I have to mention here that the Iraqi national dish ‘Masqouf’ consists of a fish the size of approx. 30 cm long and 20 cm wide, nicely roasted over an open fire). When the fish dish came (Geneva lake fish) His Excellency the Minister was silent but one of his ‘Director General’ could not help but to say: “Is this a sample of a fish”? – Ah well, I had to take them for dinner to a Pakistani Restaurant where they got a big dish of Briani Rice with chicken and lamb and and and … to partially save my reputation as a host…

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