Opposition parties ‘disappointed’ at suggested elections law

By Mohammad Ben Hussein

AMMAN – Opposition parties said they were disappointed by the outcome of the National Dialogue Committee (NDC), with leaders of the Islamist movement describing the number of seats allocated to parties “an insult”.

“There is clear intent to dwarf political parties to empower other groups. Political parties have been given 15 seats, equal to the women’s quota. I do not see any genuine intention for reform,” said Ali Abul Sukkar, president of the Islamic Action Front (IAF) shura council.

“Regrettably, those who produced this outcome remain hostage to the one-person, one-vote system and the deeply infested security fears from the Islamist movement,” he told The Jordan Times.

The suggested electoral system increased the number of seats in Parliament by 10, to 130, of which 115 are designated for the proportional list at the governorate level and 15 at the national level: one for each governorate and three for the southern, northern and central badia districts, provided these districts are geographically identified.

“When the King formed the committee, it was supposed to produce a law that improves political and parliamentary life, but this one does not meet the least expectation,” he added.

Abul Sukkar said the number of seats allocated to different governorates hardly addresses social justice.

“The proposed amendments did not achieve justice in distributing seats and did not avoid past negative aspects in the previous law,” he added.

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