If Syria unravels…

If Damascus goes down, its effects will be felt by the whole region

Where’s Syria headed? Things appear to be worsening by the day with deepening fears in the region about the largest country in the Levant unraveling. Every day brings in more bad news, with the crackdown on anti-government protests claiming more and more lives. True to the pattern of recent upheavals across the Middle East, the greater force the regime in Damascus employs the more strident and deadlier the protests become. And it’s not just one or two major Syrian cities that have been affected and are challenging the authority of the government, the whole country is on fire.

The shocking killings of more than 120 members of Syrian security forces in the northern town of Jisr Al-Shughour in clashes with “armed gangs” is perhaps the most serious loss the regime has suffered in decades. Predictably, the government has vowed to hit back “firmly and with full force.”

But how many of its own people and for how long could any government kill? Already, more than 1,200 innocent lives — perhaps more — have been lost. That this should happen under President Bashar Assad, who has repeatedly promised reforms and change since he took over from his father more than a decade ago, is all the more unfortunate.

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Other News reports state that the soldiers were killed by their own troops for failing to obey orders to shoot at civilians!

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