Thailand: 96 Pakistani Ahmadi Muslims asylum seeker detainees to be freed on Monday 6th June

BANGKOK: Thailand on Saturday confirmed it would release a group of almost a hundred Pakistani refugees and asylum seekers that activists said includes several dozen children and a baby born in detention.

In total 96 people, most of whom were arrested in December, will be released from a Bangkok detention centre on Monday, an immigration officer said.

The detained people are from the Ahmadi community, who suffer violence and persecution in their home country, according to the Thai Committee for Refugees, which helped organise the release.

Veerawit Tianchainan, the organisation’s executive director, said there were 34 children under 12 among those detained in cramped rooms that he said were filled with up to 150 people despite being designed to hold just 40 inmates.

He said one baby was born inside the facility and described conditions as “unhygienic and very crowded”.

“Children were separated from their mothers or fathers and that kind of condition, psychologically, is very very bad,” he said, explaining that families were split up because men and women are held apart.

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  1. Alhamdolillah. Finally. I have seen the Immigration Detention Center in Bangkok and can confirm that it is very crowded. … I understand most of the Ahmadis there have been given ‘refugee’ status by UNHCR. I hope they will find a ‘safe refuge’ soonest.

  2. We are all Ahmadiyya community thanks for thai govt and immigration officer bangkok to 96 Ahmadies release from IDC bangkok thailand on 6 june 2011.
    v.v thanks

  3. It?s actually a cool and helpful piece of info. I?m happy that you just shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you, Mr Veerawit Tianchainan, Txecutive Director and the members of Thai Committee on Refugees for arranging the release of the families of the victimized religious Ahmadiyya community of Pakistan. Alhamdolillah. Here one would like to know the ultimate destiny of these displaced people.It is hoped that they will soon be shifted to a relatively safe and secured place where they could live a life with the honor of human dignity.God may guide and honor all those doing this noble job of restoration of the displaced families. Her one may also pray that may God Almighty give some sense of responsibilities and balanced thinking and action to those who are misguided/misdirected by the illiterate clerics and thus indulge in such violent activities, which cause mass migration of victimize people. Let peace prevail for every one in society so that all may live life with the free expression of human conscience. Ameen.

    • Yes, Mr. Veerawit Tianchainan did an outstanding job helping to get the Ahmadi-Muslims in Immigration detention in Bangkok out and assisting them to get resettlement in other countries. May Allah reward him greatly in this life and the next!

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