Soul-searching by the Church after the referendum: Church’s Pro-Vicar Mgr Anton Gouder

The Church has to carry out a soul-searching exercise to understand why people voted for divorce, the Church’s Pro-Vicar Mgr Anton Gouder, has told The Times.

He also insisted that the statement issued by the bishops on Saturday was a call for unity to work in favour of the family.

Mgr Gouder said the statemen was issued because the bishops felt the result was “no longer the aim” but a “point of departure”.

The bishops expressed regret if anyone felt upset by the words or actions of Church members. They also said that not enough importance had been given investing in marriage and the family.

Replying to questions by e-mail, Mgr Gouder said the Church had to perform “a good soul-searching exercise” in the wake of the referendum.

He said more Maltese were distancing themselves from the Church’s moral teachings while at the same time feeling they may remain Catholics.

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