Pakistan: National Assembly to unseal 36 years old anti-Ahmadiyya hearings transcripts

Many have long held views that the artificial exploitation of the Ahmadiyya community, the closed-door hearings and the passage of anti-Ahmadiyya constitutional amendment  in the National Assembly were all a political stunt by Mr. Bhutto to appease the extremist element in the Pakistani legislature where he was suffering from popularity deficiency.


Ahmadi Muslims hope the released record will be free of edits and manipulations.

Islamabad: The Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan, Fahmida Mirza has authorized unsealing of the 36-years old National Assembly records related to anti-Ahmadiyya legislation, it was reported in the local media today.

 The National Assembly Speaker’s action comes on the heels of sealing of another record, the ‘Death of Osama Bin Laden’ in-camera proceedings. Watch video clip of local media reporting.


The records to be made public, according to news, are the in-camera sessions that had resulted in the constitutional amendment declaring the entire community of Ahmadis as non-Muslims in Pakistan.

In 1974, with closely orchestrated maneuvers by the late Prime Minister Zulifqar Ali Bhutto, the closed-door proceedings had resulted in the second amendment of the then freshly minted constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

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  1. It is a very important development and through the release of this debate people will come to know what the reality is. We hope all the coverage should become public without any edits and manipulations. Let the truth be manifest and let the truth prevail; and that truth has already been spoken by many, just find a video clip in this proof:

    Also find a booklet on this subject, by Jamaat:

    Click to access Mahzarnama.pdf

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