Oman: Majlis approves Marriage Fund panel proposals

MUSCAT: The Majlis Al Shura yesterday approved the recommendations of the Majlis Al Shura Health and Social Committee’s report on the Marriage Support Fund. The Majlis decided to present the report to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said.

The approval came after expanded and detailed discussions by members of the Majlis on the contents of the report, as well as, the proposals and amendments introduced to it.

The Majlis also approved a report of the Economic Committee on its study that evaluated the ‘Sanad’ programme.

This came at the end of the 11th regular session of the fourth annual sitting (2010-2011) of the Majlis under the chair of Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Isa’ee, chairman of the Majlis.

Dr Ahmed Bahr, deputy chairman of the Palestinian Legislative Council and his accompanying delegation also attended the session.

Addressing the Majlis, Al Isa’ee stressed the importance of the items listed on the agenda of the meeting, especially the Marriage Fund and evaluation of the Sanad programme because of the social and economic aspects associated with them.

Marhoon bin Masud Al Ghaithi, deputy head of the Health and Social Committee, said that the committee’s study of the Marriage Fund and Sanad came as they were closely linked to the social, economic and cultural aspects.

“When some citizens are not able to afford the expenses of their marriage because of the high dowries, or their financial inability, it has a negative impact on the society,” he said, while adding that this directly results in late marriages.

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