Families flee from Sana’a violence

SANA’A, May 25 — Dozens of families began fleeing Sana’a amidst fierce armed clashes between anti-government tribal forces and Saleh-loyal military units erupted last Monday.

There has been no concrete action taken by either party to end the current conflict following yesterday attack on a tribal mediation meeting at the home of prominent Hashid Sheikh Sadeq Al-Ahmar.

The clashes are taking place in the Al-Hasaba area of northern Sana’a, where several important ministerial buildings are located, including the ministry of interior.

Al-Ahmar, who was a tribal mediator between president Saleh and the opposition in Yemen, announced his support for the popular uprisings demanding an end to Saleh’s 33-year on March 19th following a mass killing of over 52 peaceful protesters on March 18th. more

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