Islam and environment: Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Malta plants 33 olive trees

Laiq Ahmed Atif & Hon. George Pullicino, Minister for Resources & Rural Affairs of Malta

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Malta has participated in the tree planting event on Sunday 22nd May at Selmun Family Park Mellieha. The Hon George Pullicino Minister for Resources and Rural Affairs attended the event; also the Prime Minister visited the tree planting area.

Laiq Ahmed Atif, president Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Malta planted an olive tree together with Hon. Minister George Pullicino to initiate the event, and said that tree planting was important to effectively change the environment into a better place.

In this activity the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community planted 33 olive trees as a contribution in the environmental section; it has also dedicated one tree to women to commemorate “International Women’s Day Centenary 1911 – 2011”. This was the second tree planting event by the Ahmadiyya Community.

The community believes to contribute in every social, charitable, humanitarian and welfare activity. And as there is a big climate change and pollution is on the increase, so there cannot be any better gift than to planting trees for the nation and this beautiful country, Malta. Planting olive trees is also to extend the message of peace, love and brotherhood to the entire nation; and to extend our motto, “Love for all – Hatred for none”. Read original post:

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