Israel vote to extend Emergency Regulations into their seventh decade.

Israel’s Emergency Regulations Get Lease on Life

At a time when the Arab regimes are suspending state-of-emergency laws in the face of popular protests, Israeli lawmakers have quietly voted to extend them another year into their seventh decade.clearpxl

A joint meeting of the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense committee and the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee this week accepted a government request to extend the state of emergency for 12 months. This wasn’t because there was a looming threat on the Jewish state, but because after more than 60 years parliament hasn’t found the time to regularize the rule in ordinary legislation

Nevertheless, Israelis are getting some relief. While government supervision remains in force over the sale of car air conditioners, diamonds and even ice cream, restrictions on trade in camel meat and Turkish delight, a gooey confection usually made from almonds, was lifted. For human rights groups, however, the fact that the emergency laws exist at all is an outrage.

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