Divorce referendum: Victory for ‘no’ camp would be success of ‘spiritual terrorism’

Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando (MP)  said today that rejection of divorce at the referendum on Saturday would mean that ‘spiritual terrorism’ and ‘brainwashing’ would have prevailed.

Speaking at a rowdy discussion on divorce organised by MaltaToday, Dr Pullicino Orlando said the Church and the ‘no’ movement were persisting in scaremongering.

Rejection of the responsible divorce that was being proposed would rest on the conscience of the leaders of the ‘no’ movement when, in 10 years’ time, Malta faced the problems of a huge number of children born out of wedlock, Dr Pullicino Orlando said.

By that time, he feared, Malta would resort to irresponsible divorce as an urgent measure to try to solve a problem which would have been allowed to grow. That would be typically Maltese management by crisis.

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