Pakistan retakes naval base after militant attack


KARACHI: Pakistan on Monday regained control of a naval base in the country’s biggest city, 17 hours after heavily armed Taliban gunmen attacked, destroying two US-made surveillance planes and killing 10 personnel.

It was the worst assault on a military base since the army headquarters was besieged in October 2009, piling further embarrassment on the armed forces three weeks after Osama bin Laden was found living under their noses.

Interior Minister Rehman Malik said four to six militants used ladders to climb into the naval air base in the teeming port city of Karachi under the cover of night late Sunday, triggering gunbattles and a series of explosions.

Officials said 11 Chinese and six American maintenance contractors were evacuated safely during the attack, but it took 17 hours before the navy confirmed that the attack on the PNS (Pakistan Naval Ship) Mehran was over.

“We have cleared the base. The operation has been completed and the base is now under our control,” Commodore Irfan ul Haq told AFP.

Malik said the “terrorists” sneaked into the base from three points adjacent to residential areas in the city of 16 million people, whose port is a vital hub for Nato supplies bound for Afghanistan. Readmore


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2 replies

  1. If the saying ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ is true, then the members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat in Pakistan should be friends of Pakistan’s Armed Forces. Just a thought….

  2. Pakistan Government and Armed Forces know that Ahmadiyya community is not enemy of anyone, does not believe in doing harm to anyone and believes in doing only good to fellow citizens and humanity at large as per true teachings of Islam. They know Jamaat history. It is the bigoted propaganda of religious fanatics against whom even current political leadership does not have the will and courage to speak the truth. Government reaction to killings of Governor Salman Taseer and Federal Minister Shahbaz Bhatti speaks of current reality in Pakistan.

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