A No vote could spark off the ‘Arab Spring’ here too

If you are reading this article today … that means the world was not destroyed yesterday, as predicted by 89-year-old Harold Camping, an evangelical Christian.

Well, he had already got it wrong in 1994, so maybe he has sort of got used to getting it wrong. According to some minority sections of the Christian faith ? via this octogenarian’s rather embarrassingly unreliable maths ? ‘The Rapture’ should have taken place at around 6pm yesterday; Saturday, 21 May.

The Rapture, another name for Judgement Day, is supposedly the time when God’s chosen people will ascend to heaven and the rest of us are left behind to face apocalyptic scenes of earthquakes and fire.

The ‘trial’ for non-believers could last six months, but by 21 October they will all be dead, says the prophecy.

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