Humiliating and shameful

I have come about to write this article after much thought and prayer and not without spiritual and psychological anguish, even at this very instant that I write.

Over the last few months leading to the referendum, as an official minister of the Catholic Church I have been involuntarily made part of things which, in conscience, I do not, can not and will not endorse. Various people have considered my forced uncharacteristic silence to be a sign of approval, and told me as such. This cannot be farther from the truth.

I do not write this article out of piety or to be melodramatic. Nor do I write it to state on which side of the wall I stand. I write it solely due to a deep sense of shame. For during the last few months I have been humiliated over and over again by the injudicious behaviour of the local Catholic Church in general and of some Catholics in particular. Their faults are also mine…

I am deeply humiliated and ashamed by all of this. This is not the Catholic Church I believe in and love.

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