Floodwaters to linger in Mississippi town for weeks, forecasters say

Vicksburg, Mississippi (CNN) — Residents eager to put behind a historic flood that submerged much of Vicksburg face a long and slow goodbye, forecasters said Friday, predicting that the river could remain out of its banks until at least mid-June.

The Mississippi River is not expected to return to its 43-foot flood stage in Vicksburg until after June 14, which is 46 days after it climbed out of its banks, said Amanda Roberts, a National Weather Service hydrologist said.

It crested at 57.1 feet Thursday, and the weather service predicts the crest will hold through at least Saturday morning in Vicksburg.

The flood also claimed the first victim in the state — Vicksburg resident Walter Cook — who died after being pulled from floodwaters, according to the Warren County coroner, who said Thursday it’s not clear how Cook ended up in them.

For some, the cresting floodwaters, which damaged hundreds of homes and displaced 2,000 Vicksburg residents, was cause for relief. For others, it was a reason to celebrate.

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