Indonesian Team On Top of the World After Everest Summit

A group of Indonesian climbers on Friday took in the view from the top of the world when they summited Mount Everest.

The team of four — Broery Andrew Sihombing, Janathan Ginting, Xaferius Frans and Sofyan Arief Fesa — were accompanied by a Japanese guide and two Sherpas on their early-morning ascent as they notched up the biggest achievement yet in their quest to scale the tallest peaks on all seven continents.

In a phone call from base camp, Julius Mario, the manager of the Seven Summits team, said the climbers — all of them students from Bandung’s Parahyangan Catholic University — had chosen to summit on National Awakening Day. Read more

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  1. Do you know that the first team to climb Mount Everest included as its medical Doctor a Pakistani Ahmadi Col. Muhammad Ata-Ullah?

    I have known him personally. He was a very nice man. He ‘mastered’ Mount Everest and died in a gas-accident reading a book while visiting a friend in Peshawar…. Inna lillahe wa inna alaehe rajeoon.

  2. At the moment I can only find his name on a K2 expedition:

    “Another American attempt on the K2 was made in 1953. The expedition leader was Dr. Charles Houston, who had also led the 1938 American expedition on this peak. Dr. Houston, medical professor, is noted for his contribution to research on the effects of high altitude on human body and diseases originating from such effects. One Pakistani, late Colonel M. Ataullah, Vice President, Karakoram Club of Pakistan, accompanied the party”.

    He wrote a biography “Citizen of two worlds” (or something like that)… (meaning of ‘The East’ and ‘The West’).

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